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Apr. 5, 2011 at 3:08 pmRecent Installations

A sculpture is a poem without words. This week I’ve had the direct happiness of installing two works. Each work quiet in its own way and yet each with a great deal to say. The first is a mobile, “Dancing Spirits” in a clinic in Yelm. This work is of hot shop glass and steel. We blew the glass at the Rubino studios in Olympia. The lobby of the clinic is architectural and linear featuring large windows letting in immense amounts of light perfect for the glass, since glass is all about light. Dancing Spirits


The second work is entitled the “Rollerblader”.Rollerblader

This piece, the color of a wet lollipop, a color that my son Nev suggested, the color a krylon red lollipop or balloon, is made of steel and powder coated. It features stainless steel rollers and I hope is both architectural and plastic. This youthful work reminds me of the quote by Samuel Butler: The youth of an art is, like the youth of anything else, its most interesting period”. This youthful “little” skater zipping along with no cares and a pair of great skates to roll on is all of us. Roll on little fellow, roll on.

We have a DNA spiral horizontally displayed going through the centre of the "mall" about 2 floors up, reaching from one end to the other, made with opaque flat squares resembling opalescent or mother of pearl offset windows of the soul. It's weird. I like colour, I like the red globe, he kinda goes with the red fella.

Left by Judith Graham | Apr. 12, 2011 at 3:15pm

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